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mobivention Lottery Solutions has developed various digital lottery products with the goal of providing everything lottery companies need to digitize their Lottery business.

Our digital lottery products can be customized to fit the needs of each lottery company.

Lotto Baden-Württemberg ANNA App

Mobile Solutions

We develop native Android and iOS apps as well as hybrid apps for smartphones and tablets.

Our apps can be used for ticket processing alone or as a more advanced online app for registered customers to provide a direct ticket submission. Therefore, an optimized, intuitive and customized solution is offered for anonymous games as well as for registered players.

 These apps can be distributed and updated to your customers via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. In addition, the apps comply with the BITV 2.0 accessibility requirements.

Self-Service Terminal - App

The customer terminal app is used to prepare tickets at a self-service terminal in LOTTO retail outlets. The app thus contributes to digitalization and sustainability by substituting paper with an electronic medium.

At the customer terminal, the ticket is prepared intuitively & easily and then placed in a shopping cart. This shopping cart can be printed or made available via a server for collection by the LOTTO terminal.

sunmi Elo

Mini Lotto Terminal

Using the Mini LOTTO terminal, lottery companies can offer lottery products very cost-effectively in small stores and, if necessary, even on a mobile basis. The Mini LOTTO terminal with integrated rechargeable battery can also be used as a fully self-sufficient mobile terminal via the mobile network.

With the native Android handheld app, any lottery products can be sold as is. Intially, Eurojackpot and LOTTO 6aus49 Quicktipps are realized as well as scratch tickets, if applicable.

mobivention Lottery Solutions complies with the new requirements of changing markets with this Lotto product. With the Mini LOTTO terminal, lottery companies can significantly reduce their costs. In addition, it simplifies the operation for the staff in the lottery stores due to the compact game offer.

Online Service

The Twitter/YouTube winning numbers bot is used to actively provide information to users in social media channels.

The draw videos are retrieved from an interface. They are then posted on the lottery company’s YouTube and Twitter channel and a tweet with a link to the video is generated and sent.

With this product, the Twitter bot, users are informed about the draw videos via social media. They can thus access the current winning numbers for Lotto 6aus49 and Eurojackpot via the videos provided.

Online Services Twitter & Youtube Bot
img self service terminal

LOTTO Self Service Terminal

The Self Service Terminal is a further development of the Customer Terminal App with the following functions:

  • Customer card integration

  • Age verification

  • ID verification (optional)

  • Connection to the lottery central system

  • Payment

We offer a selection of different terminals, in order to correspond to each use case as optimally as possible.