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Customer & Project

The Lottery and Casino Administration in Bavaria (abbreviation: LOTTO Bayern) is the state lottery company in Bavaria. The LOTTO Bayern Online App is used to submit lottery tickets online.

Requirements for the LOTTO Bayern Online App

The LOTTO Bayern Online App is used to prepare and submit lottery tickets online. The app makes a contribution to the digitization and substitution of paper by an electronic medium.

The app’s intuitive interface and ease of use are designed to help lottery players fill in their lottery tickets. The app allows users to play LOTTO quickly and easily via their smartphone or tablet. It is no longer necessary to fill out a play slip and hand it in at a sales outlet.

Implementation by mobivention

  • Compile tickets and place them in the shopping cart for the payment process
  • Winning query by scanning the barcode of the game receipt or entering the game order number
  • Save tickets as favorites so that you can add them to your shopping cart at a later date
  • Push messages for winning numbers, jackpots and closing dates for game types
  • Integration and prioritization of advertising banners
  • Integration of switchable maintenance instructions
  • Native App für iOS and Android
  • Client-server architecture with interface to LOTTO Bayern backend server


The project was developed in close cooperation with the project department and the customer’s specialist department. The app offers innovative functions that will be gradually expanded in future updates.

Opinion on the project

Icon Testimonials

With the new development of our successful online app, LOTTO Bayern is taking the next step as part of the mobile first strategy. Our long-standing app partner mobivention provided us with comprehensive support again – from conception to design, development and implementation.

Claudia von Fuchs
Specialist in charge of the Internet and new media area at LOTTO Bayern


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