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Customer & Project

The Staatliche Lotterie- und Spielbankverwaltung in Bayern (short form: LOTTO Bayern) is the state lottery company in Bavaria. The service app is used to prepare tickets on a smartphone for submission to a lottery retailer.

Requirements for the LOTTO Bayern SÄPP app

With the SÄPP service app, LOTTO Bayern offers its customers the opportunity to prepare their lottery tickets for submission at the LOTTO retail outlet. Furthermore, customers can import their game receipts into the app and check them for winnings at any time. For the latter functions, Data Matrix barcodes are used, with which the tips of the prepared game tickets or the receipts are coded. As a further feature, the SÄPP app offers users the option of storing the barcode of their LOTTO customer card (code 128) in the app for identification at the retail outlet.

Implementation by mobivention

  • Development as a native app for iOS and Android
  • Mobile-optimized UI makes it easy to fill out play slips
  • Management of prepared tickets and tickets handed in at retail outlets
  • Scanning and creation of Code 128 and Data Matrix barcodes
  • Retrieval and local storage of game-related data provided by Lotto
  • Area search with grouping of LOTTO Bayern retail outlets
  • Reminders of sales, winnings, jackpots and winning numbers via local notifications


The project was won by mobivention through participation in a public tender. The contract was awarded in 01.2017. Since then, the app and various updates have been implemented.

Opinion on the project

Icon Testimonials

In order to offer our retail outlet customers an app for preparing their lottery tickets and checking their game receipts, we have found a competent and powerful developer in mobivention for the realization of our service app. We are very satisfied with the course of the project and the final result.

Friederike Sturm
President LOTTO Bayern


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