mobivention develops new online app for State Lottery Administration in Bavaria (LOTTO Bavaria)

Cologne, 23.11.2020 – Cologne-based app service provider mobivention creates new online app for LOTTO Bavaria

What’s new about the online app?

The new LOTTO Bayern app was designed and implemented as a native app according to the latest aspects. This technical basis guarantees optimal user experience combined with the best future viability. It offers the possibility to prepare tickets and to pay and participate in the next draw by means of forwarding. Furthermore, played tickets can be saved and played again regularly. A winnings check by scanning the barcode on the game receipt and various notifications via push messages are also implemented. 

Compared to the previous version, special emphasis was placed on performance, user-friendliness and app-specific components for navigation and user interaction. The app now offers the possibility to prepare game tickets even in offline mode. In addition, the operation has been integrated with new technologies such as Touch ID and especially Face ID. In addition

Furthermore, a backend was developed to manage advertising campaigns that are played out in the app and link into the app via deep link. 

„With the redevelopment of our successful online app, LOTTO Bayern is taking the next step in its mobile first strategy. Our long-standing app partner mobivention has once again provided us with comprehensive support – from the conception, design, development and realization. With this we have reached a new milestone in our APP offering,“ says Claudia von Fuchs, responsible for internet and new media at LOTTO Bayern.



Cooperation in further app projects

The cooperation between LOTTO Bayern and mobivention has been in place since January 2017. Initially, the SÄPP app for lottery ticket preparation was developed. The app is regularly maintained and has been very popular with users since its launch, who continue to hand in their tickets who still prefer to hand in their tickets at a retail outlet.

Another project is the STÄPP service terminal app, which is now installed on around 1,400 15.6″ ELO Touch iSeries 2.0 tablets in LOTTO retail outlets in Bavaria.

The roll-out is still in full swing and over 3,000 tablets are expected to be in live operation by the end of the project.


Further Lotto projects

After the successful launch of the SÄPP app for LOTTO Bavaria, word of its success spread very quickly to other lottery companies, so that mobivention was subsequently able to implement further ticket preparation apps, namely ANNA App for LOTTO Baden-Württemberg, LoRA for LOTTO Rhineland-Palatinate, Service App for LOTTO Saarland, LOTTA for LOTTO Schleswig-Holstein, LOTTI for LOTTO Saxony-Anhalt and Berta for LOTTO Berlin. The STÄPP service terminal app was then also the inspiration for the smart device app for LOTTO

Baden-Württemberg, which is currently being implemented. In addition, another project, the „Digital Lotto Shop 2.0“ for LOTTO Brandenburg, was won, which is also currently being implemented. And finally, there are already other projects for online apps from LOTTO Rhineland-Palatinate, LOTTO Saarland, LOTTO Schleswig-Holstein, LOTTO Saxony-Anhalt, LOTTO Berlin and LOTTO Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.


To underline our long-term commitment to the lottery sector, mobivention joined the European Lotteries Association at the end of 2019.

The company has also started building partnerships, including with ELO Touch and Digital Ocean, among others. This enables mobivention to offer hardware in an app project, software and server infrastructure from a single source. This is becoming more and more a strategic success factor, especially for larger projects.


After the successful establishment of nine LOTTO national companies, we are working hard to consolidate and further expand our national market position. market position. In addition, mobivention has developed an internationalization strategy, which will be implemented from 2021. The aim is to transfer the to export the experience gained so far to other European countries.

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