Land Brandenburg Lotto GmbH

LOTTO Digital Lotto Shop 2.0

Opinion on the project


The project was successfully implemented in close cooperation with the customer.

Bibiana Hesseler
mobivention Projektmanagement

Customer & Project

The Land Brandenburg Lotto (short: LOTTO BB) is the state lottery company in Brandenburg. The DLS 2.0 app is used to prepare lottery tickets at a self-service terminal in the LOTTO shops in Brandenburg. In the lottery shops in Brandenburg, paper tickets are completely foregone.

Requirements for LOTTO BB DLS 2.0

The DLS 2.0 app is used to prepare tickets at a self-service terminal in the lottery shop. The ticket is intuitively and easily prepared at the terminal and placed in a shopping cart. The tickets are then printed out and played at the till terminal. The app makes a contribution to the digitization and substitution of paper by an electronic medium.

The intuitive operation is intended to support the lottery player when filling out the lottery ticket in order to avoid errors and save time by saving number combinations.

As of 05.2022, the first 50 terminals with the solution are in use. More lottery shops will gradually be equiped with the new digital solution.

Implementation by mobivention

  • App conception and development for 15″ Android tablets
  • Creation of UX and UI designs and coordination with all project participants on the customer side
  • Development and support of a CMS to manage advertising campaigns and quick tipps
  • Connection to the technical interfaces of LOTTO Brandenburg


  • Native App for Android
  • Client-server architecture with an interface to the LOTTO Brandenburg backend system
  • Connection to SMTP service