Staatliche Toto-Lotto GmbH Baden Württemberg

Twitter Gewinnzahlen Bot

Opinion on the project


We implemented this bot again with our long-term partner mobivention. With their expertise, they have brought in many creative solutions and thus once again implemented a project with excellent results.

Özlem Merdan-Elmas
Sales & Product Management

Customer & Project

The Staatliche Toto-Lotto GmbH Baden-Württemberg (short: LOTTO BW) is the state lottery company in Baden-Württemberg. The Twitter Gewinnzahlen Bot is used to actively inform LOTT BW customers.

Requirements for the LOTTO BW Twitter Gewinnzahlen Bot

The draw videos are retrieved from an interface, posted on the customer’s YouTube channel and a tweet with a link to the video is generated and sent.

Implementation by mobivention

  • Creation of a backend
  • Establishment of an interface to the draw videos
  • Preparation of the videos and publication on the LOTTO BW YouTube channel
  • Creation of a tweet with the link to the drawing video on Youtube and publication in the Twitter account of LOTTO BW


  • the system works fully automatically
  • Linking the customer system with YouTube and Twitter accounts