State Lottery Toto-Lotto GmbH Baden Württemberg

Twitter Gewinnzahlen Bot (winning numbers bot)

Opinion on the project


We implemented this bot again with our long-term partner mobivention. With their expertise, they have brought in many creative solutions and thus once again implemented a project with excellent results.

Özlem Merdan-Elmas
Sales & Product Management

Customer & Project

The state lottery company Staatliche Toto-Lotto GmbH Baden-Württemberg, or LOTTO BW for short, plays a central role in the region. One interesting aspect of its communication and customer interaction is the Twitter/X-Winning Numbers Bot, which LOTTO BW introduced with our help. This bot has the task of actively and promptly informing customers about the latest winning numbers. The use of social media, especially Twitter/X, enables LOTTO BW to interact directly with its community and provide them with up-to-date information at all times.

Requirements for the LOTTO BW Twitter Gewinnzahlen Bot

The process begins with the retrieval of the draw videos via a special interface. This interface serves as a link between LOTTO BW‘s internal systems and the external platforms on which the information is shared.

As soon as the draw videos are available, they are published on the company’s official YouTube channel. After publication on YouTube, the Twitter/X winning numbers bot automatically generates a tweet containing a link to the corresponding video. This tweet is then sent to LOTTO BW followers to actively inform them about the latest winning numbers.

Implementation by mobivention

  • Development of a customised backend solution that acted as a stable basis for the seamless integration and automation of the individual steps.
  • Establishment of an interface to the draw videos
  • The preparation of the draw videos and their subsequent publication on the official YouTube channel of LOTTO BW was an essential part of the comprehensive implementation process of the Twitter winning numbers bot.
  • The generating of a tweet with the link to the draw video on YouTube and the subsequent publication on the official Twitter/X account of LOTTO BW


The outstanding features of this project are the automated processes and the seamless linking of the various systems. A key highlight is the full automation of the system developed by mobivention for LOTTO BW.

Another outstanding feature is the skilful linking of the customer backend with the YouTube and Twitter/X accounts.